The product line of medium-conveying conduits covers all areas of oil, water and air management in propulsion technology. We connect entire systems by installing hoses made from PTFE, EPDM and silicone. The suitable material is selected based on various factors including temperature, weight and price requirements. All important process steps are performed in-house.


Cooling circuit

Cooling circuits, heat exchangers and pumps are connected by conduits made from a wide range of materials and compounds.

We produce cooling-water tubes with fastening loops, installed hoses and standardised connections. The constant reduction of available space in the engine compartment requires ever more complex geometry of the components and parts used in this area. Furthermore, we produce cooling-water tubes with temperature sensor attachments. We have also done research into weight reduction and corrosion resistance and are producing aluminium components as well. Processing this material requires particular expertise and know-how during all steps of production.

Oil conduit

Our product portfolio encompasses various oil supply tubes and return tubes for various pressure conditions / areas.
Wielpütz conduits ensure oil supply of turbo chargers, transmissions and other units. For example, the hose connections are reinforced with stainless steel mesh. The planarity of seal flanges is subject to particularly strict requirements for sealing purposes.
We fulfil stringent cleanliness requirements when it comes to oil conduits and oil suction tubes.

Dipsticks and guide tubes

We produce conduit tubes from various materials including stainless steel, aluminium and plastic. Our stainless-steel tubes with flexible hose connection elements simplify relocation in difficult installation situations. Our moulded aluminium tubes make lightweight construction and CO2 reduction easier. Plastic tubes offer light weight and low price basis and are thus of great interest. Additional clip connections and braces can be applied to the plastic tubes with little effort. Usage in tight spaces is possible because of the special manufacturing process and resulting consistently low wall strengths. The smooth inner surface eases the smooth course of the oil dipstick or a medium.

The space requirements of modern engine concepts along with design aspects also have implications for oil measurement, with a variety of new shapes and seal variations. The colour of the plastic injection moulding parts aids in orientation and security. A broad range of materials such as wire, wire rope strands, spring wire, fllat wire and spiral springs ensures safety during operation and under complicated installation conditions. Individually adjusted measuring fields made from plastic, shaped flat wire material and die-cast zinc feature high temperature resistance and aid in clear legibility.