We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and our employees. We are certified and audited in the areas of environmental and energy management as well as sustainability.

Environment and energy

Energy reclamation measures are especially important to us as a mean of conserving our natural resources.
Consumption data is logged, evaluated and analysed for optimal and effective usage of investments. This helps us to discover cost-saving potentials and use resources sensibly.

Furthermore, increased processing efficiency with minimal usage of technical resources and efficient building technology allows us to act in an economical and environmentally friendly manner.
All partners involved in the process, such as employees and business partners, are required to act in an environmentally friendly way and to treat resources with care.


One of our central values is sustainability in our entire social environment. We act jointly to ensure a liveable future for our society. One example would be we support children's hospitals and sports facilities instead of buying Christmas presents for our customers.

Along with social commitment, the following points are also important for us when it comes to our employees:

  • safe and ergonomic working conditions
  • promoting the performance and health of our employees
  • equality and integration for all
  • adherence to community values and laws
  • fairness and respect